Public Speaking & Transcription

public speaking transcription

How transcribing your public presentations, courses and workshops can provide added value to your clients and your business.

Are you a public speaker? Perhaps you deliver courses or workshops? Or you are a business person delivering seminar or conference presentations?

Having delivered some excellent material what then happens to all that knowledge and information once the conference, course or workshop is over? Wouldn’t it be great if all that work and effort could continue to create value for your clients, and your business?

You probably have your course notes available – but what about the discussions, the questions and answers, and the nuances you added as part of your delivery? All of these things are normally lost.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider recording your speech or presentation and how you can use a transcript of your conference, workshop or event,.

#1 Future Publicity

If you are promoting a series of courses or speaking engagements, a transcript can be a really helpful way of producing a blog, social media updates or even a press release. No need to spend hours reinventing the wheel because the key points are already written down – accurately, word for word. A one hour transcript can be worth its weight in gold in terms of providing many small bite-sized pieces of information that you can cut and paste straight into your social media feed.

#2 Drive Traffic to Your Website

Adding regular content to a blog drives traffic to your site. A transcript provides a ready made blog post (or even two or three in some cases). While adding a video of your event won’t help with your position on Google, just adding the transcript underneath makes all the difference. The text can also be used to make subtitles, making any visual content much more accessible.

#3 Provide Value to Clients (and for your business)

If you are presenting at a conference, or perhaps delivering a workshop or course, a written transcript can be used as the basis for the production of downloadable extra value content for your clients or students. It can be used to provide handouts for future events, it can even be combined with transcripts of other events, edited and turned into a book on the subject.

#4 Self Improvement

Having a written transcript to look back gives you an ideal opportunity to look for areas in your delivery or content that you might want to improve on for next time. You can see clearly where you lost a train of thought or just highlight that you say, ‘you know’ or other filler phrases after every second or third word. It is certainly a lot more comfortable than watching a video of yourself, and is just as effective.

#5 Cover Yourself

The sad fact is that in this day and age litigation is something that has to be considered more and more frequently. If you have a word for word transcript of your course/seminar/speech content, you always have concrete evidence of what was actually said. No need to try to fight off false claims, deceptively worded paraphrasing or selected quotes, it is all there in black and white transcribed by someone completely independent and unbiased.

To find out more about how I can support you in maximising your public speaking engagements by producing amazing and versatile content, please contact me today.

Why you need a business blog

blogging, blog, business blog

Why you need a blog for your business

(And how to get it written!)

Blogs Get You New Customers

It is a fact of life that the ways of marketing to customers have completely transformed. When people want a service or product the first thing they do these days is to go online. If you have a consistently and regularly updated blog your site goes up in the search results. If you are not on that first page – or possibly the second page – you are probably going to miss out.

A regularly updated blog tells customers that you are active in your business, that there is always something going on, that you are focused on what you do and most of all that you are interested in providing value to your customers.

Blogs are a great way to develop a personal rapport too – it doesn’t have to be all about your products or your service, but an insight into how your organise your business, or even an interesting post about your hobbies raises consumer interest and keeps your search rankings high.

“But I don’t have time”

Running a business is hard work and most solo owners just haven’t got time to fit in writing a blog around everything else they need to do. But from a marketing perspective it is something that most agree is worthwhile. How do these companies and business people ever get their blog posts written? They hire people like me to do it unless, of course, they never sleep, eat or have an organisation large enough to employ an in-house writer.

If you look at my own blog you can see that even I struggle to write something regularly – that’s because I am running my own business and in between writing other people’s content it is hard to find time to do my own!

Take the decision to make life easier for yourself

There is no doubt that blog writing is not only vital, that it has huge benefits for any business, but it also that it takes a massive time commitment to do it successfully.

Hiring someone like me can free you up to work on what is important to you – building your business – and passes on the hassle of researching, writing, editing and posting online content.

Your blog can be used for so many things – setting an image for your brand, building trust, answering customer questions and presenting a vibrant, up to the minute image for your company which makes customers confident in using your services.

If you manage to grab your customers’ attention they may even share the content on social media – giving you a huge amount of FREE advertising!

What content do I need?

Basically you need to be writing about what is important to your customers – what are they talking about right now? Usinkeywordsds is a good way to get your message across and these can be found easily using online tools. Once you have a good list of words you can use this to plan blog topics:

  • If you are a cafe your blog could offer some recipes or nutritional information.
  • If you sell shoes – tips on shoe care, accessories, hand bags, and other fashion news.
  • A pet store could review products and give information on pet care.

The opportunities for any type of business are practically endless.

Getting the best from your writer

Make sure you give your writer as much information about your business and your personal expertise as possible. A personal story of how the business started often gives valuable insight and is a useful starting point. Once they have a grasp of your company’s history, aims, product and services then they can write excellent posts backed up with research.

A good writer will find some useful external links to build into the post and make sure that keywords are used often enough to get the page high on the search engines but sparingly enough that it reads well and does not look contrived.

It sounds a bit complicated but this is bread and butter stuff for your average professional blogger. Once a strategy has been decided and implemented you will start to see results over time.

Don’t forget social media

Not everyone is fortunate enough to get huge amounts of traffic to their website so you should make sure to promote your blog. It won’t work for you if people don’t see the content. The best way to manage this is via social media – make sure you share each and every blog post with your followers. Providing this kind of extra value to your customers shows that you care about them, and about your business.

Want to start your blog?

Maybe you already have a blog which needs to be brought back to life?

I can help – call me today.