Why you need a business blog

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Why you need a blog for your business

(And how to get it written!)

Blogs Get You New Customers

It is a fact of life that the ways of marketing to customers have completely transformed. When people want a service or product the first thing they do these days is to go online. If you have a consistently and regularly updated blog your site goes up in the search results. If you are not on that first page – or possibly the second page – you are probably going to miss out.

A regularly updated blog tells customers that you are active in your business, that there is always something going on, that you are focused on what you do and most of all that you are interested in providing value to your customers.

Blogs are a great way to develop a personal rapport too – it doesn’t have to be all about your products or your service, but an insight into how your organise your business, or even an interesting post about your hobbies raises consumer interest and keeps your search rankings high.

“But I don’t have time”

Running a business is hard work and most solo owners just haven’t got time to fit in writing a blog around everything else they need to do. But from a marketing perspective it is something that most agree is worthwhile. How do these companies and business people ever get their blog posts written? They hire people like me to do it unless, of course, they never sleep, eat or have an organisation large enough to employ an in-house writer.

If you look at my own blog you can see that even I struggle to write something regularly – that’s because I am running my own business and in between writing other people’s content it is hard to find time to do my own!

Take the decision to make life easier for yourself

There is no doubt that blog writing is not only vital, that it has huge benefits for any business, but it also that it takes a massive time commitment to do it successfully.

Hiring someone like me can free you up to work on what is important to you – building your business – and passes on the hassle of researching, writing, editing and posting online content.

Your blog can be used for so many things – setting an image for your brand, building trust, answering customer questions and presenting a vibrant, up to the minute image for your company which makes customers confident in using your services.

If you manage to grab your customers’ attention they may even share the content on social media – giving you a huge amount of FREE advertising!

What content do I need?

Basically you need to be writing about what is important to your customers – what are they talking about right now? Usinkeywordsds is a good way to get your message across and these can be found easily using online tools. Once you have a good list of words you can use this to plan blog topics:

  • If you are a cafe your blog could offer some recipes or nutritional information.
  • If you sell shoes – tips on shoe care, accessories, hand bags, and other fashion news.
  • A pet store could review products and give information on pet care.

The opportunities for any type of business are practically endless.

Getting the best from your writer

Make sure you give your writer as much information about your business and your personal expertise as possible. A personal story of how the business started often gives valuable insight and is a useful starting point. Once they have a grasp of your company’s history, aims, product and services then they can write excellent posts backed up with research.

A good writer will find some useful external links to build into the post and make sure that keywords are used often enough to get the page high on the search engines but sparingly enough that it reads well and does not look contrived.

It sounds a bit complicated but this is bread and butter stuff for your average professional blogger. Once a strategy has been decided and implemented you will start to see results over time.

Don’t forget social media

Not everyone is fortunate enough to get huge amounts of traffic to their website so you should make sure to promote your blog. It won’t work for you if people don’t see the content. The best way to manage this is via social media – make sure you share each and every blog post with your followers. Providing this kind of extra value to your customers shows that you care about them, and about your business.

Want to start your blog?

Maybe you already have a blog which needs to be brought back to life?

I can help – call me today.

New Service for 2019: Natural Sounding English Text

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Natural English for speakers of English as a second language

One of my more popular services is to edit text to natural sounding English. Although this service is aimed at speakers of English as a second language I have also done this for people who are not confident of their ability to produce a written product that flows naturally.

The type of project this works well for includes:

  • Letters
  • Website copy
  • Product information
  • Academic assignments
  • Business reports
  • Anything that needs to be written in natural sounding English

If you need something that looks like it was written by a native English speaker then this is the service for you.

What can I expect?

Changing your text into natural sounding English is usually a 4 step process:

1.  Assessment

I look over the work to see how much editing will be needed. Ability in language can vary, some people may require very little tweaking to their work, others may need extensive editing.

2. Planning

I discuss with the client what is needed in terms of the deadline and layout requirements. Once we are both happy and have agreed on a price the project can move forward.

3. Implementation

The project is then edited. It is important to remember that the service does not include correcting errors in specifications, academic texts or rewriting a thesis! It is always incumbent on the client to supply correct information because all I am going to do is check spelling and grammar and make it flow, I won’t change the meaning or content of the work.

4. Evaluation (and payment!)

Once completed the work is returned to the client who checks that they are 100% happy with the edits.

The client receives 3 files: The original, a copy with the changes tracked, and a clean, printable copy of the edited work. At this stage, payment is made and the project ends. I always hope to get some feedback too so I can continue to improve my service.

If this is something that you feel may help you or your business please contact me, I will be more than happy to discuss your needs.

New Year – New Services

new services

2019 – New Year – New Services

As 2019 starts apace I have introduced a couple of new services to add the existing range that I offer my clients. Throughout 2018 I have been gaining experience using freelance websites but I feel that the time is now right to move these into my main business and what better time than at the start of a brand new year?

The first new service I will be offering for 2019 is a blog/content writing service.

Blogs are a crucial way of making sure that your website content is bang up to date and helps to drive traffic to your website by bumping you up in Google’s search results. It makes sense then that you want to hire the best person possible to provide top notch content. Last year I wrote a blog about how to find a good writer ( and this year I intend to provide all of those things for my clients, along with my usual personal customer service.

As well as writing for your blog or website I can also help with:

  • Sales Content – product descriptions, sales on eBay, Facebook etc.
  • Social Media – blog posts, status updates, providing content for Facebook, Twitter and so on.
  • Running your blog site via content management systems like WordPress.
  • Content for papers and magazine

All of my content will be certified by Copyscape Premium as 100% original content and will be SEO optimised using key words to increase your ranking in search results but without looking stilted or forced.

Plus of course, I will be happy to tailor the post layout, structure and tone to fit in with your unique requirements.

If it is written, I may be able to help, so just get in touch and we can discuss your needs.


5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Blog Writer for Your Business


You’ve looked at all the reasons why you really need to have a regularly updated blog on your website.  You’ve decided to hire a professional writer for your blog.   Here are 5 key skills to look for:

  1. Writing Skill – This may seem obvious but be sure to ask for samples of previous writing.  A professional blogger should be able to write in a variety of styles.  Maybe you are looking for a personal narrative style blog, or a list style (like this post) or a range of styles.  Look for spelling and grammar as well as content.
  2. Content Management Skills – Most blogs nowadays use content management systems like WordPress.  Your blogger should be familiar with how these work.  Most bloggers have a working knowledge of HTML and CSS.  This is useful to ensure that the content loads properly and is visually appealing.  Basic photo editing is another skill to look for, you want the images you use to look their best when viewed online.
  3. Social Media Savvy – You will want to be able to share your content widely on social media.  Most, if not all, bloggers will have a  personal website and business social media accounts.  If they don’t have these for their own business it is unlikely that they will be able to help you with yours.
  4. Originality – Content is great but it must be original.  Not only is copying someone else’s content extremely bad form it also infringes on copyright and can get you into all sorts of sticky situations.  Your blogger should provide copy that has passed Copyscape as original content.
  5. Reliability – This is something that is not limited to Blogging.  Ultimately you need someone who will produce quality content on time, every time.  Although most bloggers are outsourced when hiring it helps to think of them as an employee:  Would you hire this person as a permanent member of your staff?  If the answer is, ‘no’, you need to keep looking.



Why Hiring a Blogger is Great for Your Business

blogger credit: https://pixabay.com/en/wood-table-background-beverage-3265727/

It’s 2018, and the first stop for most people when searching for any type of business or service will be online.  We all know this, but why would you need to hire a professional Blogger?

Well, you may have a website but no one can find it.  Or people find it and all they find is basic information and very little else.  If the content is old, outdated or even non-existent, this gives a really bad impression of your business and the customer may well choose to go elsewhere.

This is where a blog comes in.

  1. Updating your site keeps it current. Adding a post even as little as once or twice a month shows customers you are not only still out there and available, but that you care about your business. Not only that, it is a great way of showing your expertise and getting some customer testimonials out there.  Most business people see this as too time consuming and choose to hire a professional to write the blog on their behalf.
  2. It increases the size of your site.   The way search engines work is to crawl through each website and index them according to content.  The more pages, the more they have to search, and the greater your range of keywords can be.  You can’t use the same keyword too many times.  If you do you could end up penalised in the results.  The more pages you add, the greater your ability to use your chosen keywords and others to drive people to your site.  Hiring a blogger that knows this will pay for itself by driving more traffic to your site and more customers to your door.
  3. It drives traffic to your site.   Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or, more simply, the way that search engines see your site and then ranks it on the results page.  The fact that regular updates increase your visibility is a key reason to get blogging or to hire a blogger to do it for you.  But there are other indirect benefits too – if people return to your site or if they click away and return, and especially if they think the content is so good they share it on (backward linking), the search engines will think your site is wonderful and your ranking will go up.  The higher you are in the search results, the more likely people are to choose to click on your business page.

Of course, there is more to blogging than simply adding a sentence here or there.  Check out my post on the key skills to look for in a blogger, or contact me for more information on my blogging services.





Avoiding Terrible Text

terrible text too many fonts

Top 4 Terrible Text Mistakes

How to Avoid Terrible Text in Documents and on the Web

The use of terrible text is one of the most easily avoidable faux pas in written work – either in books or on the web.    Many clients come to me and ask me to look at their documents, books, and websites and one of the most common issues I find is the inappropriate use of fonts and formatting.   Here are some of the most comment text mistakes and what you should avoid:

Elaborate Fonts 

These are the kiss of death to any online content.  You will have put in a lot of work on this and because they are often not web friendly when you upload your work it will be converted straight back to Times New Roman on the screen. This is probably a good thing since they are notoriously difficult to read.

In books, these fonts may look pretty but once you are faced with reading a whole page of it the novelty soon wears off.  There are not many books written in funky fonts for that reason.  One notable example to this is the wonderful book series by Glennie Kindred – they look beautiful and they are easy to read.  To use this type of effect this you have to be pretty skilled and want to attract a specific type of reader.

terrible textCentralising Large Bodies of Text 

This does not look “creative”, it looks messy and it is difficult for the eye to follow.  Some centralisation is fine;  you want to draw the eye to a particular section, but whole web pages – or book pages – is a no-no.  It will lose you readers and you won’t get your point across.


Choose a font style and stick to it.  The point is not to show how amazing you are at formatting and using different fonts.  The point is that you want people to read your website or book.  Multiple fonts are not easy on the eye and it puts people off.   A different style of writing on every page is a no-no.   People are turned off by attempts to make a website more interesting by varying the style of writing, the font type and the position of the text on the page.  It also looks incredibly amateur.

Making web pages look the same is not “boring” – it gives continuity and makes the text easier to follow and read.

Poor Grammar/Spelling 

We all make mistakes but the importance of using spelling and grammar checking tools cannot be understated. Basic errors like failing to use capitalisation in headings or the random use of the apostrophe will grate on the nerves of most readers. Friends are often useful in finding mistakes so get them to look at your book or website.  Always go back to any text and look at it after in 24 hours when you have a fresh eye just to make sure.

I offer proofreading services, help for authors and I am happy to supply text for your website.

You can contact me here to arrange an informal chat when we can discuss any specific needs you have.